Why India is Still a Leading Outsourcing Destination?

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  • Jul 14, 2017
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The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is the second largest from the Indian IT/ITES industry, of which Customer Service is the largest contributor.

The reasons for this, naturally, include all the benefits that international companies obtain by choosing to outsource to India. And there are quite a few motivating factors… reduction in operational costs, higher efficiency, improved operations, strong customer retention and easier handling of the workforce.

But what are the conditions that have led to this and are they getting any better?

Let’s find out

Zyconica, Outsourcing to india

Progressive Government

India’s political leadership identified the IT and ITeS industries as priority sectors quite early on in the day. Though the IT sector has been functioning since the 1980s, ITeS / Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) began around the 1990s.

The government has been displaying consistent support since then such as putting forth the Information Technology Act. Added to which, encouraging policies related to taxation, infrastructural development such as dedicated IT Zones and industrial parks have truly boosted this industry.

Under the current reign, we see additional benefits being added to the list. Already, an expansion plan has been put into place to widen BPO services in rural areas under the India BPO Promotion Scheme. Multiple subsidies and incentives are being offered to companies wishing to set up operations in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities

12-hour Time Difference

India’s geographical location puts it in a very opportunistic position with regard to business process outsourcing. The 12-hour time difference between the US and India gives our country the advantage of being available round-the-clock to not just the US, but also West Europe and the Asia PAC region.

Customer care shifts are, therefore, easier to plan and implement in Indian BPOs.

Extensive Training 

Due to the facilitating factors, the BPO industry in India is a competitive one. Only the best will survive in this cutthroat industry. This has pushed Indian companies to continually train their employees to surpass Client expectations.

In the area of Customer Service, the following aspects of training are given the most importance:

a) Call Centre Agent / Customer Success Advisor Training

This offers an overall insight into working in a call center set-up and mastering complex situations while maintaining high quality. Language and cultural skills to support various demographic customers, and also to enhance multilingual strengths. Teamwork skills and leadership are also addressed in this type of training.

b) Customer Care Training

This is a more specific session that covers various aspects of customer care such as imparting sales communication skills, teaching how to boost customer loyalty, handling customer grievances and communication (verbal and written) etiquette. Agents are also trained to handle omni-channel interfaces to be able to deal with customers via various platforms – phone, web audio and video calls, email, chat, social media and ticketing.

c) Business Specific Training

This type of training refers to the ability to undertake quick and in-depth knowledge transfers regarding a Client’s industry, product or service, key performance indicators and objectives.

This results in a wide variety of skill sets within the Indian BPO industry,

Advanced Technology

India is a very highly IT-driven country, which utilizes state of the art technology. The dedicated IT parks and infrastructural set-ups boast of multiple tools and software. In the customer care sector, unified platforms offer highly synchronized customer support solutions.

Constant developments in satellite communication, fiber optics and submarine cables enable this technology to infuse efficiency into the system.

As mentioned earlier, omnichannel support is the latest trend in India that allows customers to interact with the support team via platforms of their choice. Due to the diverse clients that Indian BPOs cater to, they ensure to be fully equipped with the latest Voice and Visual communication over WebRTC including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Human + Artificial Intelligence Chatbots to support advance tech, manufacturing and gaming industries. Supporting this with extremely strict quality management systems that come into play at each step of the customer support life-line.

Hence, the latest processes, tools and technology make the Indian Customer Care Industry a highly developed one.

Low Costing

The financial aspect is perhaps, the most important one. It’s cheaper to hire a customer support team in India than in any other first world country. BPOs in India are open to flexible pricing options. You get what you pay for with no hidden costs.

Cost savings may tempt companies to outsource to India, but it’s the high quality that keeps them coming back for more.

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